You gotta go. You have to leave now, don’t eem pack yo shit. Just git. out. bruh. go. now. lmfao


ronniescandyshoppe replied to your post “Tired of seeing chicks looking like Sade in the face and Djimon…”

I need you to put disclaimers on these posts… I damn near fell out in the airport laughing at this

Tired of seeing chicks looking like Sade in the face and Djimon Hounsou about the neck.

Sephora and MAC have failed you and you need to tell them niggas square up.

I love my city

Do Or Die Announce ‘Picture This 2′, New Deal With Rap-A-Lot


"…D.O.D. fans can worry no more, as Do Or Die have just revealed to FSD that they have a new album ready to roll with longtime label home, Rap-A-Lot, with distribution from Sony Red."


So, I’m watching HunterxHunter and this lil nigga just snatched this dude’s heart out and then told the other nigga he could jump if he was feeling froggy too. 

Killua is a cold mufucka.


"If you ain’t want it this deep, whatcha beg fo?"

damnyounick This is at the flea mall on McPherson. Me and my folks had a booth up there back in the day.

Tbt 2000

**extended hug sequence**

followed by complicated negro handshake