Listening to Enter Sandman always makes me feel a whole lot better.

Also, makes me feel like slapping the fire out of somebody but that’s another story

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reblogging old stuff

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Being slow to anger has helped me ( and saved alot of other people) in my life. I hate that frame of mind and the way it makes me feel. So, once I’m pissed, I’m pissed at whatver the situation is and I’m pissed that I’m in that frame of mind. There are a few things that will piss me off instantly and I try to never let people know what they are because they will try to use that shit against you. Then they want to play victim when I go off.

People always telling me I’m nonchalant, stoic, too laid back, etc. Almost every relationship I’ve had, they want to push me to see how far it will go until I snap off. Afterwards, it’s always the same “You’re fuckin mean.”, ” I didn’t think you would ever talk to me like that.”, “You’re cold.” No, you wanted a reaction and that’s what you got. I tend to give people  ample room to leave it be, but if you continue to push, you get what you get and I couldn’t care less how you feel afterwards. 


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Benelli M4 shorty shotties

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